Cedar bark harvesting

One of the fantastic things I found while living outside of Vancouver over the summer of 2013 was the Urban Weaving Group.
With a deal worked out with the Parks Board (who manage parks throughout the city) for a long term lease of a field house the group had a home for at least 5 years. For anyone whose ever done any type of craft, storage space is very important and the field house, although a little small, is big enough to store materials and host small workshops.
I regularly went on Tuesday evenings to the cedar weaving facilitated by Todd de Vries and absolutely loved it.
There was always a great group of people to sit and talk with while weaving and everyone was happy to provide advice if needed. Not to mention the tasty treats that also get brought along to share, salmon and bannock anyone?
A massive highlight for me was having the chance to head up to Squamish and harvest cedar bark. Selecting a tree, giving thanks, pulling the bark, removing the outer bark and then further processing once it’s home to split it into thinner strips for weaving.
Although I was far from an expert it was inspiring to see the work of the more advanced weavers and the spiders and bracelets I made improved over time.

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