Nettle in the kettle

Stinging nettle is another weed that grows at the farm and patches of it can be found in shady spots here and there. I’ve been drinking it in tea, once the leaves have wilted in the hot water they no longer sting, but haven’t actually cooked with this magnificent plant before. I know that nettle soup is a well-known use or it but there are also recipes for pesto, lasagne and many more to be found.

We have a surplus of solanum tuberosum since we culled the seed potatoes prior to planting and nettle can be used as a spinach substitute¬† so after checking out this article on everything gnocchi I made a nettle version using the simplest¬† recipe I could find. Gnocchi also freeze very well – just roll each uncooked piece in a little flour before popping into the freezer. When you feel like a quick meal just throw them into boiling water, cook until they float and voil√†, Bob’s your uncle.